Having spent years pursuing passions, refining my own creative and artistic practice, leading teams and developing a strong and unique educational pedagogy, it is time to start empowering others to live and learn in more creative, curious and connected ways. 

The services and creative possibilities provided here, are driven by a burning desire to see schools, learning environments, organisations and places of personal and professional importance be more creative, and harness the power of the people that bind them together by using authentic experiences that allow their voices to be heard and their choices to drive intrinsic motivation. These places have the potential to become fertile ground for innovation, thinking that steps outside the box and powerful connections and these services can help you  plant those seeds. 

I believe my passion and knowledge can help those seeds grow, too, into a beautiful forest brimming with creativity, connection, collaboration, deep thinking, curiosity, explorations, inquiring minds and a whole lot of joy - no matter who you are or where you are. 

So, will you join me on a creative journey to tomorrow?