Years of specialised expertise, research and passion while working in schools and educational settings make Francine Sculli the perfect person to help you build a more creative, connected and curious school of the future. These services stretch across diverse areas with offerings for students, teachers, leadership and the wider school community; all bound by the common goal to help your school be more creative, connected and collaborative. 

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  • CONSULTING - Francine's consulting services specialise in enhancing student voice and agency, developing teacher agency and creativity, and building the creative capacity of schools so that they can nurture and grow future thinkers and leaders who can confidently and creatively embrace the uncertainty of the future. I can help schools build this important focus into their AIP and Strategic Plans and work with them to build research-based strategies to enhance teacher practice and student outcomes.

  • SPECIALIST PLCs - With seven years of experience leading and developing a Specialist team, Francine has the skills to help your Specialist teachers and staff to create a high-functioning and cohesive team that are able to find shared curriculum foci and positive student outcomes that are Specialist-specific, but align with your school's AIP, strategic plans and whole school focus. Francine can provide diagnostic services to help leaders understand the current modus operandi of the Specialist team and provide insightful suggestions on: 'where to next?'

  • STORYTELLING FOR SCHOOLS - I believe in schools being places filled with empathy, human stories and connectedness. The building of this starts with how schools communicate and the unique 'story' they build. People connect to people and human stories; they feel most a part of something when they are woven into the story. With a degree in professional writing, and an abundance of experience in this realm, I can help you discover, unpack and build your school's story and help you connect to your school community through personalised, empathy-based communication strategies. We can also help you develop your unique mission, vision and values. 

  • SPECIALIST PROGRAMMING - Specialist subjects are at the heart of a holistic education. They are pertinent to teaching students lifelong, 21st Century transferrable skills that they will carry with them for life. But how often do schools realise and harness the full potential of their Specialist programs and its teachers? How much do they invest in their Specialist teachers and their capacity to deliver research-based best practice that can have a lasting impact on student outcomes and engagement? With my years of experience creating and facilitating innovative Specialist programs and working with Specialist teams, I can help reinvigorate your Specialist programs and help you leverage their power. I offer future thinking sessions that help Specialist teachers develop a deeper connection to the purpose of their program, essential learning sessions that reshape and reframe 'the essential' and help carve out a 'teaching for' approach across Specialists, and mission and vision sessions that help align Specialist programs and develop consistency. I also help Specialist teachers to deepen student engagement through choice, agency and authentic learning. 


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  • CHOICE-BASED EDUCATION PD- As a leader in choice-based education, I have spent years researching different pedagogies, student-driven learning and choice-based philosophies, and equal number of years creating an innovative Digital and Visual Arts program that is student-driven and choice-based, and rich with imperative 21st Century Skills. I have also helped teachers develop their own choice-based pedagogy across Specialist and Generalist curriculum areas and helped them reframe their role as teacher. Let me help you develop yours, too, and enhance your students' engagement and capacity. 

  • SEESAW FOR ASSESSMENT AND DIFFERENTIATION PD - As an experienced user and Seesaw Ambassador in the making, I have continually explored, experimented with and refined the use of Seesaw as an excellent tool for assessment and differentiation in Specialists, and connecting communities, and have helped many classroom teachers do the same. I can help you incorporate Seesaw into your teaching practice in a way that will undoubtedly bring your classroom into the 21st Century and enhance student learning. 

  • ENHANCING STUDENT VOICE IN THE CLASSROOM PD - Connected to a truly passionate belief that young people work best when they have a voice and agency, I am skilled in helping teachers find ways to authentically enhance student voice in learning environments through classroom routines, learning experiences and a whole school approach. 

  • CREATIVE LEARNING SPACES AND PROVOCATIONS PD - The Reggio Emilia pedagogy believes that the physical space is like a third teacher. So how do we create playful, inspiring and creative spaces, filled with sparks and provocations that help students connect more deeply to their learning? This PD explores the physical space and helps teachers to unearth the potential of it as a spark for creativity and connection. We will explore the importance and use of provocations in learning too. 

  • DAILY CREATIVE PRACTICE TO ALIGHT TEACHING PRACTICE PD - In order for us to truly spark and harness the creativity of our students, first we must think creatively ourselves. For many people, being creative is often connected to the Arts, or being 'good at art'. This PD will turn that thinking on its head and help teachers develop their own daily creative practice that will help them build their own curiosity and wonder, which in turn, they will impart on their students. 

  • INTEGRATED INQUIRY LEARNING IN SPECIALIST - Are you a Specialist teacher and required to integrate classroom concepts, unit of work and/or inquiry into your Specialist curriculum area? Are you struggling to find an authentic and meaningful way to do so while still providing your students the opportunity to pursue their passion in Specialists? With experience integrating unit of work and inquiry into the Visual Arts and Specialist subjects, Francine can help you create meaningful learning experiences that help embed learning and enhance student knowledge.



  • STUDENT LEADERSHIP GROUPS - Having spent years developing extra-curricular student leadership groups, I am passionate about seeing schools offer a wide variety of leadership opportunities to students that help them leverage and develop their strengths and passions. I can help you develop student leadership groups that move away from the age-old, tried and true and move more into groups and opportunities that offer genuine outcomes connected to school culture and that help provide authentic leadership opportunities for a range of students with a range of skills. I believe every student has leadership qualities if they are given the chance to use their unique skill sets. I can help your students find their strengths and use them for the greater good within the school community and beyond. I can work with your students and school to develop meaningful programs to meet the needs of your students and school community.



  • SCHOOLS EVENTS - With a host of community-engaging school events under my belt, I can help you connect your school community by bringing together students, families and wider community members with unique school events that promote togetherness and a wide range of school outcomes. With experience in running everything from flash mobs and schools discos to markets and festivals, I can work together with you to unearth your school needs, develop school events that can be woven into the school curriculum, give students and parents voice and agency, and even help raise important funds for your school.   

  • ARTIST IN RESIDENCE FOR COMMUNITY ART PROJECTS - As experienced artist with a deep passion for connecting communities, voices and perspectives through the visual storytelling of Art, I have experience developing community art projects that cross curriculums, develop unique works, capture student and community voices and build strong relationships and connections across the school. These projects are driven by your school values and vision. 

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