Galleries & Museums



With experience in developing innovative and unique choice-based Arts programs in Gallery settings, and continuing studies in Arts Management, Francine can provide freelance services as artist in galleries and museums or can work with your education staff to help them introduce more student agency and engagement into gallery and museum programs​​​​​​.

  • GALLERY & MUSEUM CHOICE-BASED ARTS PROGRAMMING - Francine can help your gallery or museum develop more choice-based Arts programming that will engage participants to develop independent, creative thinking in response to gallery and museum stimulus. I can work with gallery and museum staff to develop a more choice-based approach, linked to emerging research on the benefits of choice and agency on learning outcomes and participant engagement.

  • ARTIST IN RESIDENCE - With experience in many different art forms and a background in Arts Education, I am passionate about spreading the Arts everywhere, through innovative approaches, programs, performances and workshops and can come into your gallery or museum to run unique cross-curricular programs tailored toward your unique outcomes and vision. 

  • CONNECTING WITH SCHOOLS - With experience as an Arts Educator in schools, I can help your gallery or museum to maximise their engagement and connection to schools and relevant teachers through targeted communication, marketing and engagement strategy plans. 

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